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Walt publishes a fortnightly blog on a variety of subjects.  Recently, most of his blogs have been about Cloud Computing with many focused on data security in the Cloud.

Most recent posts

  • The Second and Third Levels of Defense for the US Election (10/23/2016)
    Or how a third party candidate becomes President.

  • Is the US Presidential Election Vulnerable to Cyber Attack? (10/09/2016)
    Can the Russians ruin our election?

  • Autonomous Vehicle Update (09/25/2016)
    They are coming faster than you might have thought, but they are not ready for prime time yet.

  • The State of Quantum Computing Today (09/11/2016)
    They are coming, but not quickly.

  • The Impact of Quantum Computing on Data Security (08/28/2016)
    Quantum computers pose a danger to secure communications.

  • What Is Quantum Computing? (08/14/2016)
    Quantum computing part 2.

  • Quantum Computing Part 1 (07/31/2016)
    Computers start to live in the weird world of quantum physics.

  • The End of Moore’s Law (07/17/2016)
    The end of unlimited computer power growth.

  • A Real-Time View of Cyber Attacks (07/03/2016) 
    Cybercriminals take no vacation days.

  • Why You Should Not Compress Encrypted Data (06/19/2016)

  • Benford's Law (06/05/2016)
    A quick way to find some potential suspect numbers.

  • The New London Cab (05/22/2016)
    A new transportation icon for London.

  • An Early Combat Drone (05/08/2016)
    The U.S. has been using combat drones for over 50 years.

  • Invading Europe (04/24/2016)
    The current European invasion is more dangerous than the one after World War II.

  • Where Is That Email From, Really? (04/10/2016)
    It may be from somewhere surprising, and dangerous.

  • IRS Hacked, Again, and Again (03/27/2016)
    The IRS is not being careful with your personal information.

  • Secure Public Cloud with Amazon Web Services & Stealth (03/13/2016)
    You can create a secure public cloud.

  • Ransomware (02/28/2016)
    Your money or your data!

  • Checking a Suspected Internet Link (02/14/2016)
    Careful what you click on.

  • Data Security in the Election Season (01/31/2016)
    The election season is also an open hunting season for cybercriminals.

  • Now I'm a Politician (01/16/2016)

  • The Future of Cash (01/03/2016)
    Do we really need or even want cash?

  • Our Autonomous Vehicle Future (12/20/2015)
    My predictions on our autonomous vehicle future.

  • Office 365 (12/07/2015)
    It is critical that you manage Office 365 in order to protect your data.

  • Robo-Buses (11/22/2015)
    Another incremental step towards ubiquitous autonomous vehicles.

  • Detecting Suspicious Behavior (11/08/2015)
    It is not sufficient to have a strong network perimeter.

  • Autonomous Vehicle Update (10/25/2015)
    They are coming sooner than you might expect.

  • Fun with Statistics (10/11/2015)
    Correlation does not equal causality.

  • Your Security Is Your Responsibility (09/27/2015)
    The government cannot help you.

  •  Living in a Transparent World (09/13/2015)
    Your organization must evolve or go extinct.

  • The Half-Life of a Secret (08/30/2015)
    ... is getter much shorter!

  • The Deep and Dark Web (08/16/2015)
    What are they?

  • US Government Data Security Score (08/02/2015)
    The US Government is clearly not interested in protecting your data.

  • Transportation As A Service (07/19/2015)
    The coming of Robo-Cab!

  • UFVs: The Future of Farms (07/05/2015)
    The future of big farming is here.

  • The Future of the Long Haul Trucker (06/21/2015)
    Big change coming for big rigs.

  • You’ve Got Me Under My Skin (06/07/2015)
    Now Big Brother can really watch you.

  • Advanced Cyber Attacks (05/24/2015)
    How do advanced cyber attacks work.

  • Websense Report (05/10/2015)
    Security Lessons from Websense.

  • Target Got Off Easy (04/24/2015)
    Don't count on your company getting off so easy.

  • Save That Data (04/12/2015)
    The older the data, the more important it might be.

  • Do You Have a Hilary on Your Staff? (03/29/2015)
    There are important reasons to control emails sent and received by your employees.

  • Windows Server 2003 End of Life (03/15/2015)
    Like Windows XP, it is time to move off Windows Server 2003.

  • BMC & Qualys Joint Solution (03/01/2015)
    An easier way to stay secure.

  • Anthem Mayhem (02/15/2015)
    Another company which failed to protect your personal data.

  • Cloud Predictions for 2015  (02/01/2015)
    Where do bloggers think the Cloud is going?

  • We Have a Code for That  (01/18/2015)
    More changes with significant impact on health care providers.

  • Cloudifile Your Dropbox  (01/04/2015)
    Additional security and ease-of-use for Dropbox.
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