Unisys Stealth Solution

"The Unisys Stealth Solution is a transformational
way to protect your data both at rest and in motion.
It provides secure sharing, agility from simplified administration and configuration, savings from
consolidation, and cryptographic data dispersion for a new paradigm of storage resilience and integrity."

 We can help answer
questions like:

  1. Are you paying the appropriate attention to the security of your customers’ data under your control?
  2. What is your business risk if you fail to protect your customers’ data?
  3. Can Stealth really help you?
  4. How do you move forward evaluating Stealth?

Walt Lapinsky was part of the original Unisys Stealth Solution marketing team at Unisys for more than 2 years. He understands when the Unisys Stealth Solution is appropriate, and when it is not.

If your organization is interested in the Unisys Stealth Solution, we can help in the evaluation process by understanding your needs, give you an initial view on whether Stealth is the right solution, and help you evaluate proposals from Unisys or other Stealth providers.

The underlying cryptographic technology in the Unisys Stealth Solution is provided by SecureParser® from Security First Corp.

For more information on the Unisys Stealth Solution, visit Unisys.com/Stealth.

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